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We are Annabelle & Juan: a German researcher with a PhD in social sustainability and a passion for business that makes a difference in people’s lives, and a Mexican Product Designer with a nerdy interest in sustainable materials and the circular economy. 

Many Makers is motivated largely by a frustration with current unsustainable consumption behaviours and a desire to help foster change. With this project, we want to contribute to a creating a different world: a world in which makers are heroes and all materials are considered precious. We want to help achieve this by designing and curating beautiful handcrafted Mexican objects that tell the stories of the Many Makers behind them.


You can help us on our journey by telling your friends about us: the more we are, the greater the power we have to make a dent in the world!

Want to share something with us or have questions? Then get us here:



Maestro Eusebio Mateos Ortega

Barro Negro Esgrafiado - Black Sgraffito Clay

Maestro Eusebio Mateos Ortega is a renown expert in ‘Barro Negro Esgrafiado’. Black Pottery is typically associated with Oaxaca, where a type of clay is used that turns black during firing. The Mateos Ortega family introduced a new process with a different type of clay, which involves the smoking of fired pottery with eucalyptus leaves. They are the only potters to practice this technique in Tonalá (Jalisco), meaning that the tradition is under threat of being lost. 

Maestros Angel Ortiz & Angel Ortiz Arana

Barro Bruñido - Burnished Clay

Angel Ortiz and his son Angel Ortiz Arana are well-renown potters, masters of the 'barro bruñido' (burnished clay) technique. Don Angel learnt his craft from his grand-parents and, together with his son, he has dedicated his working life to keeping this delicate art form alive. Their exquisite work has taken them to art shows all over Mexico and the USA.

Maestro Isabel Pajarito Fajardo

Barro Canelo - Cinnamon Clay

Isabel Pajarito Fajardo is an award-winning potter, the 5th generation to work 'barro canelo', which translates to 'cinnamon pottery'. He learned the technique as a kid, watching his father and grand-parents at work. Maestro Pajarito and his family are recognised for their exquisite barro canelo pieces nationally and internationally.