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Updated: May 28, 2018

We arrived in Mexico on the 17th of October 2017, with a rough idea of what we would be doing, but no clue on how long we’d be staying. Since then, we’ve been fortunate to meet so many welcoming, friendly and helpful people, have our breath taken away by the scenery, and eat ridiculously delicious foods. 

Mexico’s vastness, diversity, and contrasts are overwhelming. To start off with, the country is huge, with distances that are difficult to understand for people from smaller nations like those in Europe. Mexico is the 12th largest country in the world. Driving from one end to the other, is like driving all the way from London to Istanbul. And 200 km further! Seriously. By now we have got used to driving large distances, 2 hours is just around the corner, really.

We have seen the Mexico that you see in books, magazines, postcards, or on TV. The extremely colourful Mexico, especially along the coast that reflects the gregarious nature of Mexican people and their cultural diversity. Day of the dead, the indispensable cactus, the emblematic blue agave, men on horses, brightly coloured handicrafts, street food, and chilli with everything sweet or savoury. To name a few. But there is also the more subdued, serene, and maybe less-known Mexico, especially in terms of the natural environment: magical landscapes ranging from wild rocky coasts, lagoons full of wild animals, to whispering forests inhabited by thousands of butterflies. And yet we’ve only seen a fraction of what Mexico has to offer!

What is certain is that there is so much more to Mexico than what the news across the world tend to tell us about this beautiful country. Really. It’s awesome. 

¡Viva México!​

Many Makers

January 2018